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August 20, 2008

Back Alleys of the Internets

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Have you ever been meandering through the flowery fields of the internet, only to wander (somehow) into one of its dark alleys? Somewhere where you might see something like this?

(Fair Warning: This post is a little NSFW!)

This has always been one of the greatest mysteries of the internet for me. Do lonely, horny men, seeing this advertisement, actually sign up believing they’re going to “find a friend tonight” that looks like that? I’m sorry guys, but let’s use a little common sense. Attractive women get hit on all the time. Somehow I don’t think they’re going to be online anxiously awaiting farmerjoe01’s e-invite over to his bachelor pad.

Maybe I’m wrong.

I have to say that nothing freaks me out more than those weird “dress up” banners. I can handle the banners that beg you to “win the race” or “shoot the bad guys”, but these things make me feel like a pedophile even looking at them. I’d rather be caught watching porn than playing dress up with a banner ad, really. Do women play with these ads? I’m confused. I’m also too afraid to just click on it and see what happens, for fear that Chris Hansen from To Catch a Predator would step out of the shadows.

I think it’s safe to say when you start seeing ads for adult friend finder and zwinky’s, you’re engaged in one of the following:

A.) Watching porn.

B.) Looking for torrents.

C.) Reading this.

Remember everybody, Chris Hansen is watching.


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